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Our Products Ductile Iron Double Flanged Pipe
Ductile Iron Double Flanged Pipe
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Ductile Iron Double Flanged pipe are manufactured by us as per IS : 8329. Having ISI licence for the same upto 1000mm dia, we have a manufacturing capacity of 500 Metric tons per month which helps us to give fast delivery in this market at a time when the timely delivery is a priority for every project.

Picture regarding the process hilting the benefits and quality steps we take

We manufacture Ductile Iron Flanged pipes utilizing Flanging technologies of
  • Screwing
  • Welding
The DI Flanges are tightened/screwed fit on either side of the spun pipes by machines.
Welded Flange Pipes are manufactured by welding DI Flanges on either side of DI spun Pipes after they are screwed.

Applications :
  1. Vertical Pipe Lines: for overhead Tanks / Elevated Service Reservoirs (ESR'S)
  2. Disengagement Requirements:
    • Application where pipelines are disengaged / dismantled for cleaning like in treatment plants for water, Effluent, Sewage and pump houses.
    • Temporary installations, applications where pipelines are transferred from one location to other, require Flange Pipes like temporary pipelines required for De-Watering mines or heavily inundated areas
Over Ground and Exposed Installation : Flanged Pipes are most suitable for over ground pipelines like portions of Pipelines on Pillars / Pedestals for Rivers / Canal or Road crossing and bridges.

Fire Fitting Systems
For Laying in Hilly Areas / Slopes, even exceeding the Angles of Response.

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Stock Testing of pipe and joint Testing thickness of pipe Ductile Joint