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Ductile Iron Fittings
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Cast Iron Fittings
We make Ductile Iron Specials confirming to IS : 9523 suitable for Push on Joint, Flanged Joint & Mechanical joint. We have our own State of Art manufacturing facility for the same having a monthly capacity of 300 Metric tons.

The fittings are of various types and shapes. Please find below the list of the same.

Jointing System Products
Socket & Spigot Push-on-joints
11.250 Double Socket Bend.
22.50 Double Socket Bend.
450 Double Socket Bend.
900 Double Socket Bend.
900 Double Socket Duckfoot Bend.
All Socket Tee (alternatively Flanged on Double Socket Tees)
Double Socket Concentric Tapers
Mechanical Flexible Joints
Mechanical Joint Collars
Flanged Joints
90 0 Double Flanged Bend
45 0 Double Flanged Bend
900 Double Flanged Duckfoot Bend
All Flanged Tee
Blank Flanges
Double Flanged Concentri

We have our own in-house pattern shop which helps us to design any other fittings which may be required by our customers.

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Stock Testing of pipe and joint Testing thickness of pipe Ductile Joint Ductile Joint